Database Management System

Do you want a great knowledge in Database Management System (DBMS)??
Are you a HND or Undergraduate student who couldn’t understand the basic concepts?
Join now Database Management System.
🎓CHAPTER 01: Introduction to Database
🎓CHAPTER 02: Database Terminology
🎓CHAPTER 03: General Types of Databases
🎓CHAPTER 04: Designing Good Databases
🎓CHAPTER 05: An Overview of SQL
🎓CHAPTER 06: Introduction to The Query The Select Statement
🎓CHAPTER 07: Expressions, Conditions, And Operators
🎓CHAPTER 08: Functions: Molding The Data You Retrieve
🎓CHAPTER 09: Clauses in SQL
🎓CHAPTER 10: Joining Tables
🎓CHAPTER 11: Introduction to Data Manipulation Statement
🎓CHAPTER 12: Creating and Maintaining Tables
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