About Us


Lisbro Academics, a modern educational institution, with branches across Sri Lanka offering Higher Educational Programs from best universities across the world.

 Mission Statement 

“LISBRO was established with a mission to bring world-class education closer to students in Sri Lanka. In its endeavor to promote education, LISBRO works towards bringing international education to the doorstep of the students”

Goals and Strategies 

  • To bring qualified and eligible students in Sri Lanka to the best universities across the world.
  • Personally visiting and organizing seminars and workshops in various educational institutions in Sri Lanka as well as other countries.
  • Spot admissions take place in the presence of representatives of various educational institutions.
  • Appoint qualified counselors to guide and assist students, whenever they need help.
  • Provide very warm, comfortable and affordable home stay for the students.
  • Organize educational and social events along with cultural activities at various places.
  • Arranging for co-op opportunities and job placements for qualified students.


Lisbro Academics actively pursues international education consulting in a professional manner to provide best services to aspiring and qualified students to acquire world-class education in the colleges and universities in all over the word. This is being achieved by the services we have been providing to them. Our vision is Globalization of Education and to take it to the doorsteps of all the countries.